Iran Shoraka was established in 1981 by a group of engineers, business consultants and sales personnel. At the time, the company manufactured only Pressure Sensitive Adhesives as well as Book-Binding Adhesives.

As a result of the war between Iran and Iraq that lasted eight years, the company’s expansion was slow and gradual. In 1989 the war ceased and there was a subsequent burst of political activity, followed by the emergence of a young population of writers and reporters. Consequently, newspapers, magazines and other types of printed media were booming, giving rise to a surge in demand for printing ink.

It was around this time that Iran Shoraka Mfg. started to manufacture ink, predicting an even larger increase in its demand due to the rapid growth of population in general, and the educated classes in particular, and their demand for reading material. At the same time, two other changes were taking place, one domestic and the other global. The domestic change was the consumers’ demand for better packaging, which until then was mainly what the local shops had to offer.

Influenced by the attractive packaging offered by Western goods, together with an increased awareness of hygiene, consumers were asking for better packaged product, resulting in a higher demand for ink used on the packages. The technical expertise acquired during the eight years leading to the manufacture of ink resulted in a fast and unexpected expansion of Iran Shoraka Mfg. Company.

The global change was the transition of many industries, including ink, from monopoly to fully competitive. This competition was affecting Iran too, and having developed its potential in terms of knowledge and production capacity, Iran Shoraka Mfg. was in a good position to compete. The annual ink production went from around 100 tons in 1990 to 1800 tons in 2005, indicating a rapid increase in the volume of production.


To provide our customers with European standard printing inks at competitive prices. We aim to provide the best possible customer care and after sales services.


To be the leading distributer of printing inks in the Middle East. We aim to manufacture printing inks of highest quality locally with German know how and distribute well known brands where manufacturing them is not an option.


We are a customer oriented company, dedicated to providing the highest quality products at lowest possible prices. All our products are manufactured with a strong commitment to the environment and where possible, our R&D department endeavours to deliver greener solutions.