WYCOMBE, England – June 25, 2018 – Cypress, Calif.-based printer Primary Color recently undertook a retrofit on its Heidelberg XL 106-10P press installing the latest UV technology by Benford UV.

Primary Color made the investment into UV as they wanted to print on new substrates and increase productivity.

“Our press operators were well versed in UV printing so the learning curve for us was minimal,” said Ed Philips, of Primary Color. “Benford did their homework by fully inspecting the press prior to installation. The UV system was then designed to fit the press so virtually no modifications were made, other than changing the ink rollers to the correct compound for UV inks.”

“The conversion to the Benford System was quick and easy. Much of the preliminary work and infrastructure was already in place so the final switch over was done in a couple of days.”

Ed concludes, “UV printing has dramatically increased our throughput. We are doing more work with one UV press than we previously did with two conventional presses whilst overtime and material waste have been reduced. Additionally, print quality has improved as the consistency of the UV process is much more stable and predictable.”

“This installation was really exciting for us,” says Marc Boden from Benford UV. “We have been in UV for 30 years and this is our first installation where we have applied all three of our UV technologies, being of great benefit to Primary Color.”